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Vicomte Single Malt
French Whisky - Hand Crafted

Carefully crafted and aged in ex cognac barrels, neat or on the rocks, elevate your status with Vicomte.

Vicomte; a word first used to distinguish those who had been granted power and responsibility over a region by the King, usually comprising of French aristocracy. The essence of the sophistication and prowess exemplified by French noblemen that have held the title of Vicomte has been infused into this premium French Whisky. 

It is our pleasure to present Vicomte French Whisky as a delectable extension of the tradition of elegance, luxury and grace irrevocably and eternally tethered to French nobility and aristocracy. As you sip and savour the refined flavours radiating through your senses, know that you have just elevated your status to the title of Vicomte.



Tasting Notes



Distinct fruit expressions of orange, apricot and banana, burnt sugar and caramel, honey, vanilla and a hint of spice.


Candied apple, fresh citrus, fig, caramel, vanilla, brown sugar, chocolate and crème brulee, give way to liquorice and orange zest. 



Mild with toasted wood, spiced cider and cream.


Charente River


Organic Natural Grain

100% organic natural barley, grown and harvested from the Poitou-Charentes region of France.

Charente River

fresh local water is incorporated into the production of every bottle to give it a clean unparalleled taste.

Distilled twice

in copper alembic stills. Also known as pot stills, copper alembic stills offer the advantage of producing a richer, more flavourful product than the stainless steel column stills seen in the larger commercial distilleries. A more traditional approach to Single Malt distilling that produces a distinctly complex product.