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Our Range of Vodka



How do we make Vodka?

Vodka is a distilled beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol:
The thing that most people often seem to forget is the fact that the main ingredient (60%) in vodka is water. Even the name ‘vodka’ is derived from the Russian word ‘voda’, which means water. In other words, the thing that makes the biggest difference to the quality of vodka is the quality of the water.

Why we are different to the UK market?

In the UK we have become accustom to cheap imported vodka that we are told is of high quality, when really it is just down to good and heavy marketing. Even celebrity endorsed products such as Ciroc we found to be inferior in quality to those found on the continent, and yet premium prices were still being paid over here, so we wanted to expose the market for what it is, and introduce some real 'super premium' brands, for very reasonable prices.



Hirsijarvi, Finland



When we were in Europe we uncovered a fantastic brand: Laplandia.

Laplandia is made and distilled in Finland – The water sourced to make Laplandia is from the most northern part of Finland, from Lake Hirsijarvi; the most superior water source in the world! Its superior smoothness, using pure natural grains and the above mentioned best water in the world is what gives it the well earnt title ‘Super Premium Vodka’. 

A great alternative to Jägermeister for a shot, without having to add the sugary red bull, but can also be used in cocktails, or even as a long drink with soda or tonic. Can be drunk at room temperature but we feel for the English market it is best served chilled.

Flavoured Vodka:

Flavoured Vodka is arguably more of a true ancestor to Vodka than its purer cousins. Though vodka distillation surely dates back to at least the middle ages, historic homemade vodka did not have access to modern refinement techniques and would have been a low-quality product. As such, fruits and herbs would have been added to mask the taste more palatable






Laplandia: 'The Land of Purity'

Imported Product of Finland



Acai Berries
70cl, 37.5%

Today, Acai berries are considered the world’s healthiest and nutritionally richest berries. This product combines the best attributes of acai berries with the well-known essence of Laplandia Vodka.

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70cl, 37.5%

For those of you to whom an Espresso Martini is no stranger! Look no further! Finnish people are the biggest consumers of coffee in the world, so Laplandia were not going to fail in this flavouring! 

(Coming Soon)


Lingon Berry
70cl, 37.5%

A nutritionally rich wild Scandinavian berry Produced by low, evergreen shrubs throughout Scandinavia's forests, the tart red berries are much smaller and juicier than their distant cousin, the cranberry. A bit like its cousin, the Cranberry, it has a slightly sweet initial taste, followed by a mild bitter kick.

Combined with Laplandia’s most essential quality from one of the Northernmost Distilleries in the World, the award winning ground water, this flavoured vodka produces a clean taste preserving the berry’s authentic attributes. Best served straight and chilled.

(Coming Soon)

70cl, 37.5%

Laplandia Ananas Shot is a subtle and slightly sweet super-premium vodka infused with a natural pineapple flavour that brings you an authentic tropical experience combined with Laplandia’s Arctic essence.

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Varmland, Sweden



Runa Vodka 43

ALC 43% VOL, 70cl.

Endorsed by the King of Sweden
Ecologically Produced Ingredients and Organic

Endorsed by the King of Sweden as his preferred choice of Vodka, this Premium vodka speaks for itself. Having ranked #5 in an independent study in "Whisky and Bourbon" magazine for the best vodkas in the world - it ranked far higher than established brands as Grey Goose, Belvedere and Ciroc - with the ONLY vodka in the top 5 with no added chemicals!

The vodka for those who appreciate and value a Scandinavian character of purity and freshness made from he finest possible ecologically produced ingredients. Ideal to drink on the rocks, with schnapps as well as the finest cocktails.
An organic and a little stronger Vodka with a clean soft fragrance as well as flavour. The taste is an experience of smooth spicy and more oily, long round aftertaste with a hint of wheat.

RRP £39.95 (incl. VAT)